Summer 2018: Diversity & Social Justice classes

Diversity and Social Justice Certificate classes

  • A series of short term classes satisfying requirements for Diversity & Social Justice certificate and graduation requirements (Areas D1 & H)
  • All courses are CSU transferable.

Summer 2018

  • IDST 80C Diversity: Sexism .5 unit
    • CRN 53283
      • Saturday, 9:10-6:00PM, Class meets on 6/23 only
      • MUB 170
    • CRN 52737
      • Onl HOURS ARR, from 6/28-7/8 only
  • IDST 80E Diversity: Ableism .5 unit
    • CRN 52857
      • Saturday, 9:10-6:00PM, Class meets on 6/30 only
      • MUB 160
  • IDST 80F Diversity: Classism .5 unit
    • CRN 52858
    • Saturday, 9:10-6:00PM, Class meets on 7/14 only
    • MUB 370

D E F I N E  *

*  A N A L Y Z E  *

T A K E   A C T I O N *

Show up for Add Codes:

Even if the class is full, just show up & you’ll probably get a seat.

Or contact the IDST Office at 415-452-5343 for more information.

  • Area D: Social and Behavioral Sciences Requirement.
  • Area H: Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies and/or Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Studies Requirement. See College Catalog for details

The courses in the diversity and social justice series meet requirements for the following certificates: diversity and social justice, sexual health educator, trauma prevention and recovery, youth workers and critical pacific islands studies.