IDST 50: College Success

College Success stickerThis class teaches skills you can use right away in college, and transfers to all areas of your life.

It integrates personal growth and values, study strategies and critical analysis into lifelong success in academic, professional and personal development.

Includes life management, learning styles, personal and educational values, instructor-student communication, diversity, financial literacy, health, memory, concentration, notetaking, textbook reading, test taking, library skills, problem solving, critical and creative analysis

5 Sections Available (Click here to see full schedule)

 CRN 34983 001 Lec  T R  12:40-01:55PM  BATL 222  Canoy, Maria F       
 CRN 34984 002 Lec M W F 09:10-10:00AM  BATL 203  Wise, Kim A         
 CRN 34985 003 Lec M W F 12:10-01:00PM  ARTX 180  Wise, Nicole Y    
 CRN 34986 004 Lec  T R  11:10-12:25PM  BATL 451  Clark, Felita J     
 CRN 36371 005 Lec  TW   04:10-05:25PM  1125 Valencia St.  Cahill, Gregoria N

• Succeed in academic, professional, and personal development
• Learn about academic networking, build instructor-student relations
• Maintain health, memory, and concentration
• Prepare in life management skills, motivation, learning styles, preparation in academic strategies
• Note-taking, textbook studying, test taking, using the library, critical and creative thinking

IDST 50 College Success (3)
UC/CSU transfer credit
Meets Area E requirement for CSU and Area A requirement for CCSF
[Not open to students who have completed LERN 50  because IDST 50 = LERN 50.]

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