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• DSGN 101: Design Fundamentals (3)

Fundamental design course, covering the theories, processes, vocabulary, and techniques common to visual design disciplines. Students will develop and apply their knowledge through analysis, critique and individual and collaborative exercises and projects. Meets CCSF GE Areas E (Humanities), CSU/UC

CRN 72692 MW 9:10-12:00PM. OCEAN, ART 203, Shimm
CRN 72251 MW 1:00-3:50PM. OCEAN, MUB 255, Comacchio
CRN 75995 TR 1:00-3:50PM. OCEAN, MUB 171, Baltrip
CRN 72253 TR 6:00-8:50PM. MISSION CENTER, 1125 Valencia St. R. 201, McAteer

• DSGN 110: Rapid Visualization (3)

A free-hand drawing course for the development of visual thinkers, covering processes, methods, strategies, terminology, conventions, techniques, and skills for the rapid visualization of ideas in design. Practical application of knowledge through individual and group exercises and projects.

Meets CCSF GE Area A (Communication and Analytical Thinking), CSU/UC

CRN 71970 TR 12:10-3:00PM. OCEAN, BATL 246, Udell

• IDST 14: American Cultures in Lit & Film (3)

To find unity in diversity in the shifting trajectories of American identities and how they interrelate, the following five groups will be featured to assess their interactive contributions to the unique American mosaic: Native Americans, European Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans. Literary works of nonfiction, fiction, drama, and poetry will be supplemented with selected films to accomplish this goal.   Meets CCSF GE Areas E (Humanities) and Area H (Ethnic Studies), CSU/UC

CRN 76030 MWF 10:10-11:00AM. OCEAN, BATL 203, Ishibashi, Sheikh

• IDST 17: Human Sexuality (3)

A course integrating the biological, psychological, social, anthropological, legal, historical, ethical, and humanities perspectives on human sexuality.

Meets GE Areas G (Health Knowledge and Physical Skills) and Area D (Behavioral/Social Sciences), CSU/UC

CRN 70694 TR 8:10-9:25AM. OCEAN, VART 115, Brownsey, Reyes
CRN 70697 W 6:10-9:00PM. CIVIC CENTER CAMPUS 750 Eddy St. Room 201, O’Neal
CRN 75511 R 6:10-9:00PM. CHINATOWN CAMPUS 808 Kearny St. Room 1204, Brewer

• IDST 30: Demystifying the Middle East (3)

This interdisciplinary survey of the Middle East introduces students to diverse peoples, cultures, and places that make up the region, highlighting contributions in religion, sciences, letters, and arts. It also analyzes historical and contemporary depictions of the region and its people in a political context.

Meets GE Areas D (Social Sciences), E (Humanities) and H1 (Ethnic Studies), CSU/UC

CRN 72639 W 6:10-9:00PM. OCEAN, BATL 203, Israel

• IDST 31: Women in the Middle East (3)   *New Course*

An interdisciplinary survey of women in the Middle East focusing on diversity, colonization, nationalism, religion, gender, sexuality, family, law, literature, music, art and film.

Meets CCSF GE areas D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) and H1 (Ethnic Studies), CSU/UC  

CRN 76092 TR 11:10-12:25PM. OCEAN, ART 308, Israel

• IDST 36: Poetry for the People (3)

An interdisciplinary approach toward development of literacy in multiple popular traditions of poetry, including in social justice movements, by incarcerated people and through alternative media. Includes scrutiny of published poems from multiple cultural traditions, a focus on community, and the cultivation and public presentation of new poems. Meets CCSF GE area E (Humanity), H1 (Ethnic Studies) CSU/UC IGETC.

CRN 71487 TR 12:10-1:25PM. OCEAN, BATL 203, Muller
CRN 75512 T 6:10-9:00PM. OCEAN, BATL 203, Muller

• IDST 37: Racial & Ethnic Groups in U.S. (3)

An Interdisciplinary survey of the history, culture, conversations, and conditions of American ethnic and racial groups. Includes projects involving family histories, field projects.

Meets CCSF graduation requirements Areas D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) and H (Ethnic Studies). CSU/UC.

CRN 72387 MW 11:10-12:25PM. OCEAN, BATL 203, Landeros
CRN 74241 TR 1:10-2:25PM. OCEAN, BNGL 702, Palaita

• IDST 45: Pacific Islanders in the U.S. (3)

This course examines Pacific Islander migrations to the United States mainland including the history, culture, and development of Hawai’i and U.S. Pacific territories. It explores indigenous cultures and immigration experiences of Pacific Islanders from Guam, Palau, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines.

Meets CCSF Areas D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) and H1 (Ethnic Studies) CSU/UC

CRN 74784 R 6:10-9:00PM. OCEAN, BATL 203, Palaita

• IDST 47: Trauma & the Arts: Interdiscip (3)

A multi-disciplinary examination of works of art, music and literature inspired by both personal and global trauma with an emphasis on the transformative power of the creative process and how it helps individuals and communities heal. CCSF GE Area E (Humanity), CSU/UC

CRN 72886 TR 9:40-10:55AM. OCEAN, ART 308, Muller

• Diversity and Social Justice Saturday courses:

A series of short term classes at City College of San Francisco satisfying requirements for Area D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) and Area H: (Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies and/or Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Studies Requirement).

IDST 80A: Racism 75514 (.5) SAT (9/6/14 only: 9:10AM-5:00PM); Palaita

IDST 80C: Sexism 75515 (.5) SAT (9/20/14 only: 9:10AM-5:00PM); Israel

IDST 80C: Sexism Online 75516 (.5) (9/8-9/22/14: HOURS ARR); Arruda

IDST 80D: Heterosexism 75517 (.5) SAT (10/11/14 only: 9:10AM-5:00PM); Harrison

IDST 80E: Ableism 75518> (.5) SAT (10/25/14 only: 9:10AM-5:00PM); Ishibashi

IDST 80G: Transphobia 76034 (.5) Thursday (10/2-10/23/14: 6:10-8:00PM); Shockey (CIVIC CENTER CAMPUS) 750 Eddy St. Room 201

IDST 80G: Transphobia 75519 (.5) SAT (11/15/14 only: 9:10AM-5:00PM); Shockey