Summer 2014 Interdisciplinary Studies classes still open!

Summer 2014 Classes Open!  

(Download a PDF version HERE.)

• IDST 14: American Cultures in Lit & Film (3)

To find unity in diversity in the shifting trajectories of American identities and how they interrelate, the following five groups will be featured to assess their interactive contributions to the unique American mosaic: Native Americans, European Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans. Literary works of nonfiction, fiction, drama, and poetry will be supplemented with selected films to accomplish this goal.

UC/CSU Meets CCSF GE Areas E (Humanities) and Area H (Ethnic Studies) 52734 MTWR 11:10AM-1:15PM. Ocean, BATL 203,  Ishibashi, Israel

• IDST 17: Human Sexuality (3)

A course integrating the biological, psychological, social, anthropological, legal, historical, ethical, and humanities perspectives on human sexuality.  Meets GE Areas G (Health Knowledge and Physical Skills) and Area D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) CSU/UC

52608 MTWR 9:10-11:15AM. OCEAN, CLOU 258, O’Neal 52735 MTWR 11:10AM-1:15PM., Mission Campus, 1125 Valencia St., Brownsey, Somsanith

• IDST 37: Racial & Ethnic Groups in U.S. (3)

An Interdisciplinary survey of the history, culture, conversations, and conditions of American ethnic and racial groups.  Includes projects involving family histories, field projects.

Meets CCSF graduation requirements Areas D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) and H (Ethnic Studies). CSU/UC.

52609  MW 5:10-8:40PM. Ocean, BATL 203,  Israel, Palaita 51784  Onl  Hours ARR.  Sanchez

• IDST 50: College Success (3)

A comprehensive course that integrates personal growth and values, academic study strategies, and critical and creative thinking proficiency.  Life management, learning styles, personal and educational values, instructor-student relations, maintaining health, memory and concentration, lecture note-taking, textbook studying, subject-specific studying, test taking, using the library, critical analysis, problem solving and creative thinking.  Emphasis on the attainment of lifelong success in academic, professional and personal development.

CSU/UC.  Meets graduation requirement Area A (Communication and Analytical Thinking)

51323 MTWR 8:40-10:45AM. Ocean, BATL 203, K.  Wise 51366 MTWR 10:30-12:35PM. Ocean, CLOU 223, F.  Clark

 • Diversity and Social Justice Saturday courses:

A series of short term Saturday classes at City College of San Francisco satisfying requirerments for DSJ certificate and graduation requirements.  Area D (Behavioral/Social Sciences) and Area H: (Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies and/or Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual  Studies Requirement).

IDST 80A:  Racism 52736(.5) (6/21/14: 10:10AM-6:00PM); Palaita IDST 80C:  Sexism Online 52737(.5) (6/16-7/1/14: HOURS ARR); Arruda IDST 80D:  Heterosexism 52738 (.5) (7/12/14 only: 10:10AM-6:00PM); Harrison IDST 80E:  Ableism 52739(.5) (8/2/14 only: 10:10AM-6:00PM); Ishibashi IDST 80F:  Classism 52740(.5) (7/19 & 7/26/14 only: 10:10AM-2:00PM); Goldsmith      


For ADD CODES or info, call the IDST DEPT:  415-452-5343