Help the IDST department! Enrollment outreach campaign!

Interdisciplinary Studies is strengthened by our people – students, faculty, supporters!

Enrollment is down significantly this semester, and we’d like to invite you to help us spread the word that there are still openings in many of our excellent classes!

Want to hand out flyers, use social media, offer a scholarship to a deserving student? There’s all kinds of ways you can help out! Fill out your contact info here ( and we’ll get in touch! Thanks in advance.

And, we have flyers you can post to facebook (jpg) or download to print. Click the images below to get your copies!


JPG images for posting to the web:

• (click thumbnail for full size, right click (Windows) or control-click (Mac OS) to download:

– 1/4 sheet flyer (or download the PDF for double-sided printing).

IDST_flyer_to_post – flyer with tearaway tabs to cut vertically (or download the PDF for  printing).