Design Fundamentals Class – Spring 2014

Design Fundamentals 101: fundamental to a successful career!

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Download a PDF of the flyer here.

More information on Spring 2014 classes  here.

The 17-unit Design Collaborative certificate program provides students with a strong foundation in multidisciplinary approaches to design and collaboration. Our approach offers students the collaborative skills and experiences needed for success in today’s workplace. This program will enhance a focused study in any design discipline or provide an introduction to design thinking and making for all students.


Enroll this week for the Spring 2014 semester

Are you wondering what you can do to support CCSF? Right now, the most important thing that individuals can do is enroll in classes! Online registration is open this week through Wednesday, and then credit classes begin. You can also visit the first class meeting if you want to see if there is space for you.

How to register at CCSF – step by step!

Go to to view the Spring 2014 Schedule—it has the most up-to-date information!
Interdisciplinary Studies classes offer great options: Here at our blog you can search by graduation requirements! Look for the “Find Classes by Type” menu and select your option.
Steps to Becoming a Credit Student at City College
If your goal is to obtain a certificate, an AA degree, and/or transfer to a four-year university
If your goal is to take a single course and/or you already have a BA degree (or higher)
Steps to Becoming a Noncredit Student at City College
Most noncredit classes can be started at any time. Check the class schedule to find out where the noncredit classes that interest you are offered. If the classes are at one of the following addresses, go to the Admissions Office at that campus for information.

(Information adapted from Save Our City College mailing.)

Update on the case for protecting open-access education

Still_StrongOn Jan 2, 2014 SF City Attorney was successful in preventing the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) from taking back CCSF’s accreditation before there’s a full trial to investigate the ACCJC’s allegations.

This is great news! Our department remains fully accredited, with classes that fulfill CCSF graduation requirements (D, E, G, H), can be taken for honors, and classes students can transfer to the University of CA and State University (UC/CSU)!

The quality of education at CCSF has never been an issue and we are committed to offering high quality and relevant classes and Certificates of Achievement!

Support us and enroll! Watch us rise.

Here are some quotes from the press release issued by the City Attorney’s office:

In issuing the injunction, the court recognized that [City Attorney] Herrera’s office is likely to prevail on the merits of his case when it proceeds to trial, and that the balance of harms favored the people Herrera represents as City Attorney. On the question of relative harms, Judge Karnow’s ruling was emphatic in acknowledging the catastrophic effect disaccreditation would hold for City College students and the community at large.

Herrera’s action, filed on Aug. 22, alleges that the commission acted to withdraw accreditation “in retaliation for City College having embraced and advocated a different vision for California’s community colleges than the ACCJC itself.” The civil suit offers extensive evidence of ACCJC’s double standard in evaluating City College as compared to its treatment of six other similarly situated California colleges during the preceding five years. Not one of those colleges saw its accreditation terminated.

Recent coverage:
San Francisco Bay Guardian: City College saved, for now (update)

SFGate: Judge blocks CCSF accreditation revocation

SF Bay View: City College wins reprieve, as court enjoins ACCJC from terminating accreditation

Tim Redmond’s 48 Hills blog: A huge victory for City College

Help the IDST department! Enrollment outreach campaign!

Interdisciplinary Studies is strengthened by our people – students, faculty, supporters!

Enrollment is down significantly this semester, and we’d like to invite you to help us spread the word that there are still openings in many of our excellent classes!

Want to hand out flyers, use social media, offer a scholarship to a deserving student? There’s all kinds of ways you can help out! Fill out your contact info here ( and we’ll get in touch! Thanks in advance.

And, we have flyers you can post to facebook (jpg) or download to print. Click the images below to get your copies!


JPG images for posting to the web:

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– 1/4 sheet flyer (or download the PDF for double-sided printing).

IDST_flyer_to_post – flyer with tearaway tabs to cut vertically (or download the PDF for  printing).