Collaborative Design class – DSGN 105 Spring 2014

This class reveals what the Bauhaus, Sputnik, and Apple Computer have in common!


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The 17-unit Design Collaborative certificate program provides students with a strong foundation in multidisciplinary approaches to design and collaboration. Our approach offers students the collaborative skills and experiences needed for success in today’s workplace. This program will enhance a focused study in any design discipline or provide an introduction to design thinking and making for all students.



Contemporary Issues in the Filipino Community, Spring 2014

Contemporary Issues in the Filipino Community, Spring 2014

There’s time to sign up for a class on key issues and community resilience in the Filipino/a diaspora! We’ve got your back – UC/CSU transfer credit. Please spread the word and SHARE the flyer.

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New year, new semester! Classes start Jan 10.

CCSF and the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST) department continue to offer a high-quality education that can take you where you never imagined.

Our new semester starts January 10 – see the IDST schedule online to see our offerings, which fulfill graduation requirements and transfer for anyone attending or planning to attend a CSU/UC university!

Racial & Ethnic Groups in the U.S. class has room for you!

This class is an interdisciplinary survey of the history, culture, problems, and conditions of American ethnic minorities and the effects of racism, prejudice, and discrimination on emerging minority groups in the United States.

Racial and Ethnic Groups in the United States – A Comparative Survey (IDST 37)

CRN 32034 MW  11:10-12:25PM. OCEAN, BATL 203,  Landeros
CRN 34336 TR 1:10-2:25PM. OCEAN, BNGL 706, Palaita
Credit, Degree Applicable, (3 units)
P/NP Available
UC/CSU, Honors credit available

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Intro to the United Nations – international diplomacy class is open.


An introduction to the United Nations, including the UN Charter’s mission to achieve international peace, and the function of the organization’s six administrative bodies. In addition to studying the theory and practice of international diplomacy, students evaluate the successes and challenges of collective security, peacekeeping attempts, and technological cooperation.

IDST 7 Intro to the United Nations (3)
Lec-3, field trips
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available

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Trauma Prevention & Recovery certificate classes, Spring 2014

Trauma_Certificate _sp2014

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The Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate of Achievement trains students as paraprofessionals to work in the field of violence prevention and trauma response, including service provision to victims and survivors of violence.  It also trains service providers such as probation officers or nurses who routinely work with survivors of traumatic events to understand and respond to concerns unique to survivors. More information on the program here.
There’s also a FAQ about the program and enrolling here.